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Designer rings, the accessory that does not go out of style!

How long do fads last? Well, it is not known for sure, but surely how much it permeates society
Accessories have never gone out of style, but it is possible that costume jewelery rings have never had this prominence as before, not only being worn on the ring or heart, but also on the other three fingers and at different heights.

Accessories allow us to continue transmitting our personality
Fashions come and go. The colors, clothes and accessories that we wear define us and say things about us and what we want to convey to the world, even when a certain dress code has to be respected.

This one, which is heard more and more, is nothing more than knowing how to dress for each occasion, only that, in many situations, it is already written down. However, this does not mean that the person is corseted, since there are always the details that continue to reflect the style of each one. For example, if you have to go somewhere dressed in black and long, you can always combine it with dress shoes in another tone that give a break to the sober and formal look, without unbalancing it and without giving up being elegant.

Precisely, in most cases everything consists of going in harmony in the complete set. You can go dressed casual, but combine it with accessories that provide greater elegance, looking for the opposite effect to the previous situation, a kind of what is said of "dressed up but informal".

This style can be achieved by voluminous earrings, a designer ring or a boho chic hairstyle that always gives the right romantic touch.
Jewelery and rings in particular are experiencing their most golden stage – never better said – growing numerous brands in recent years and, in part, thanks to the internet and the development of online stores.

In this scenario, in addition to online stores, a major role that has caused great success in recent times has also been Instagram. This social network has been in charge of giving the possibility of seeing the accessories in more detail, in a real situation and carried by someone who, perfectly, can marry our style. Not to mention the work of influencers, very well chosen to represent certain brands and their innumerable stories that manage to reconnect with that lost loyalty.

What rings are worn?
Connection and bonding are important for something as personal as accessories, which is what usually makes the difference. So is fashion. Next, we give some brushstrokes about what is worn in rings so that you show off beautiful hands and transmit what you want.

1.The gold is back. If you look closely, right now most of the supply is gold. Although it was something that was associated with other generations, it is becoming more and more popular among young girls, both in rings and in necklaces or earrings. It is a trend that will probably continue in the coming years.

2.Triumph of champagne. The champagne color is the one that goes between ocher and pink and is currently widely used in the decoration stones of rings as an alternative to transparent, especially for those who want something simple without giving up originality.
3. Fine rings, but many. The jewelery ring that is most successful now is the fine, minimalist one, with just a touch of a stone in a traditional color but that inspires subtlety. Probably this subtlety is because more and more are being worn. Three rings can be little in current fashion and the simplest alliances are usually used to be able to make combinations and transitions.

4.Different heights. Not only are many carried, but they are carried to different heights. It is not uncommon now to see rings, especially on the index finger, which remain halfway, as if it were too small and would not fit any further.

5.Modernity above all. What about engagement rings instead? Here too fashion is changing a lot, abandoning the traditional for new shapes and styles, more personalized and even resorting to colored diamonds on some occasions.

6. Wedding bands. If a current of fresh air has reached the engagement rings, how could it not do it to the wedding rings? This is probably the most important ring you will ever wear, so your choice should not be left to chance.

The classic gilded gold alliances, although they continue to prevail, increasingly give way to rounder shapes, less thickness and, even, to that of the couple being different, because personality is also claimed here.

How long do fads last? Well, it is not known for sure, but it will surely depend on how much it penetrates society. As far as rings are concerned, a good designer ring never goes out of style and will always be an essential piece that will make our hands look much prettier

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