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Learn about the latest trends in earrings, which one do you prefer?

The jewels, no matter how small, complement our image more than we think. In particular, earrings can help us feel more secure, giving that touch of light that only they know. But do you want to know what the latest trends in earrings are? In this post we will comment on the main trends in earrings, which is the one that best suits you?

Trends in earrings: which one is your favorite?

80's and 90's: everything good comes back!

They say that all good things come back. Will it be true? Judge for yourself! As has happened with clothes, the earrings that set trends in the 80s and 90s are back in fashion.
Inspired by that time, now large and dangling earrings are also worn. But also voluminous, square, with precious stones, large pearls, in colors such as gold, silver, blue, green, red... In general we can say that it was a very colorful time in that sense, since the colors used were very vivid and bright.
Rings at all hours

Hoops have always been a classic: basic, simple and minimalist. It is true that some have more or less details than others, more or less large, but in general, hoops are what we turn to when we do not know which earrings to choose: they are the most versatile earrings.
It is true that brands like Versace or Burberry are betting on large earrings, of different colors and thicknesses, materials and textures. However, if you do not feel comfortable with those sizes, you can opt for smaller ones.

And it is that, the trend in earrings is not based only on size: also on the creativity of new designs, new shapes, materials and colors. Now you can find rectangular, triangular or even irregularly shaped hoops. With these designs, the aim is to blur the barrier between the classic perfect round hoop and the crazy and irregular. That doesn't mean they stop being hoops! There is simply more variety of styles.

Pearls, the classic that never goes out of style
Maxi Pearls Earrings by María Bello Jewels As we have mentioned before, pearl earrings are another concept that never goes out of style. Many will associate them with earrings from days gone by, but today there is a wide variety of pearls (colors, sizes, shapes) and they can be styled with many current styles! Now the classic shape of the earring with a single pearl, despite still being worn, has evolved into different designs (rings, half moons...) made with pearls. And we are no longer just talking about earrings, but necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry have also evolved towards this trend. Earrings with flowers and floral designs
There are many ways to wear flowers in earrings: colors, styles and materials that you can combine until you find the one you like best. And it is that flowers are a natural element that can give a neutral touch to your outfit, perfect for a light and bright style.
Sculptural earrings

If you like large earrings that stand out and attract attention, this section is for you! When we talk about sculptural earrings, we refer to earrings that are mostly voluminous and striking. They have set a trend in recent years very quickly!

As its name indicates, sculptural earrings usually have a design with details, without being very detailed, and can be more or less modern and simple. They always form some sculpture or some design that does not have to make a logical sense.

As you can see, trends in earrings join others, such as fashion, recovering elements from the past, such as earrings, striking shapes or even colors. We hope that this post has inspired you and that you find the design that makes you feel most comfortable.
You can, in fact, apply different styles: Flowers with mandala pattern (boho chic). Flowers with neutral petals (modern or rustic). Simpler flowers, without much detail (minimalist or modern). Metallic flowers with extra elements, such as a pearl for the center of the flower (modernist). We must bear in mind that, although the flowers are in soft colors, there are also earrings with slightly more striking tones, such as gold. A minimalist floral design bathed in gold is very common, and it is very modern and elegant.

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