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The jewelry trends that will really matter in 2023

To elevate the style of everyday life you only need subtle flashes of light: earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings, brilliant and unique, all at once, one or two at the most. Some pieces of the latest design to match, others more classic that you can treasure forever. These are the jewelry trends that are going to be big in 2023.
Contrary to what happens with fashion garments, jewelery embodies that asset with a timeless vocation that more easily escapes the ever-changing cycles of trends and styles. However, from time to time more contemporary variations can be seen, which especially dot the collections of the industry, social networks and its main promoters, making those more classic and immutable pieces likely to be seen coexisting with other styles of pure trend. , or traditional aesthetics that once again enjoy a concrete patina of today. The opulence and drama that the most emblematic brands took to the catwalks in spring 2023 is something that is being reflected in the most influential ones with the help of an algorithm, seasoned with other aesthetic discourses that lead us to imagine warmer seasons or passing through more nostalgic roads, which ooze freshness and fun.

There is no doubt that at this point most people are looking for something exciting to add sparkle to all outfits, even those that a priori do not lend themselves to being worn in a more special way, and in this sense, jewelry and costume jewelery make up a certain license, more discreet and subtle, to illuminate certain parts of the body, something that gives us courage and energy in the grayest work routine. It is clear that these accessories, especially in the case of real jewels, represent one of the most personal investments and requires a careful prior evaluation, since not only are these pieces of jewelery likely to be the protagonists of the most unexpected records, they must also be 'very' of the person who owns them. Luckily, this year there are so many trends and styles in full swing, that it will not be difficult to play different roles and personalities depending on the mood. From shimmering crystallized jewels, to classic pearls, to necklaces and bracelets with architectural aesthetics, these are the jewelery trends that will be big in 2023.

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