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The golden jewels that will instantly improve your daily and party 'looks'

Accessories are responsible for making your style shine with its own light. The tone of gold is also an infallible for Christmas dates.

It's no secret that jewelry can turn a simple look into the best stylistic bet you can imagine. Earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets have the power to bring light, glamor and shine to the most boring outfit in a matter of seconds. That is why it is important not to neglect these small details that can save us from a bad choice of outfit.

Among the most successful choices you can make this season is to choose gold jewelry. These are a success at any time of the year, but without a doubt the golden moment for this finish is December. The perfect accessory to impress at your most special dinners and meetings are gold accessories, which give looks a sophisticated and unique touch. And Maria Bello Jewels has some of the best offerings.

If gold is the leading finish at Christmas, the stars are the symbol that is never lacking. They are in the trees, in the decorations, in the centerpieces, in all kinds of decoration and, why not in the jewels? Maria Bello Jewels does bet on them in her collections. Stars for all tastes, from more discreet versions such as the Long Gold earrings and the bracelet with a stamped star decoration, to the most festive accessories such as maxi hoop earrings with stars or a ring with a mother-of-pearl star to stand out at these parties.
Rigid bracelets are a very elegant type of accessory that is here to stay this season. They are a key piece to complete the looks, especially if you combine them over the clothes; It is such an original way of wearing them that you will radiate self-confidence wherever you go. Maria Bello Jewels has versions for everyone, whatever your style. The chain bracelet and the twist bracelet are more discreet designs, and if you are one of those who dares with everything, the Joy bracelet and the Oriana Bangle are for you. One of our favorites is the Waterlily Bracelet, the most daring of the firm.
Another option that we love is statement earrings. They are perfect for giving light to the face area and turning a basic outfit into something special. If your style is more classic but you want something that is out of your comfort zone, the Cleopatra Earrings are for you: hoops with a carved surface in aged gold. The Chain Earrings are perfect for the most daring; three flat links in gold color joined together that form a spectacular chain. If your style is more romantic, your earrings are undoubtedly the Oliva Earrings, a set of three leaves with an irregular design with a rough effect that are ideal to complement a total black look.
The most special collection that María Bello Jewels has is the Botanical Collection. It is a careful selection of the most beautiful flowers in the world turned into earrings. They are fine and discreet in appearance, but they are full of personality because of what they symbolize. In addition to serving as a complement to represent something very individual, it is perfect to give as a gift on these dates.
It is perfect to be able to make a collection of its pieces without having to worry about which ones to keep.


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