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The influencers say that the most important accessory of the season is the rigid gold choker

The influencers say that the most important accessory of the season is the rigid gold choker

You know, when several Influencers match the same garment, the result is an absolute trend that everyone wants to join. This is what has happened with what is already the accessory of the season. Surely you already know that a good eye-catching accessory can do much more for us than we think. These rigid chokers triumph among instagramers, turning a basic look into a sophisticated one with which to achieve an honors degree. But without a doubt, the favorite accessory for this spring-summer is the one with a golden touch. There have been several Influencers who have worn a choker necklace in this color.

If we take a look at all the photographs published by the favorite and most followed fashion prescribers on the networks, we can see that the necklaces attached to the neck and in different tones and colors, and even prints, are very popular. But there is one that stands out above all. And that's fine line gold. The reason? That brings elegance and stylizes the figure a lot.

And it is that, you can wear it both casual and informal looks to give a special touch to styling, but it is also the perfect jewel with which to complement your guest look as María García de Jaime has shown. In addition, the options for this trendy necklace are endless. There are more or less thick proposals with a single line or several or even with charms or combined accessories that give rise to different designs, but that are also very popular.

If you want to join the classic proposal and the one that most triumphs among influencers, here we leave you our MARIA BELLO RIGID GOLD CHOKER (110 AED)


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