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Tricks to keep your gold-plated Maria Bello jewels perfect

Pendants, rings, midi rings, bracelets and earrings, our jewelery box is full of beautiful and really special jewels for us, right? And it is that the value of a jewel goes beyond its price, a jewel has the power to evoke, to make us dream and transport us to beautiful moments. That is why it is so important to pamper them and take care of them, so that they are always perfect. María Bello Jewels are designed to be enjoyed at all hours, so we want to give you some tricks so that your jewelry always looks like the first day. Many of the María Bello Jewels designs are made of sterling silver finished in 18k gold. Caring for gold-plated jewelery is simple but important if we really want it to always be beautiful. How? It's that easy, in four keys. Store jewelry the right way. It is always preferable to store the jewels in separate compartments, for example so that the stones do not scratch the metal when rubbed. If the jewelry box is also lined with a soft material, it will help keep the gold plating intact. Check our jewelry Box, are Amazing!!! If you keep the jewels in a drawer, use individual boxes or bags; Maria Bello jewels are always sent in a very special and ideal packaging to keep them in perfect condition. Cleanliness is essential, but not in any way. No chemical products, warm water with neutral PH soap and a soft range. They will be perfect. Avoid as far as possible the contact of the jewels with cosmetic products, perfumes or the shower gel itself. All this can cause the brightness of the gold to fade. Much better to take them off for sports. Nothing happens if one day you train with your jewels bathed in gold, but to keep them as beautiful as the first day, it is much better to avoid contact with your own sweat. The same happens if you practice swimming, it is better to avoid contact with chlorine. The gold-plated jewels are of the highest quality, these recommendations are only so that their finish is always 100%. Do you like this type of post? Contact us on Instagram.

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