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About Us

Haven’t we all made macaroon necklaces and colorful string bracelets when we were young kids during our summer vacation? I think this is from where I got my inspiration...

Let me first introduce myself, I am Maria, owner of Maria Bello Jewels brand, born and raised in Spain, a country full of art and inspiration.

After working for a long period in a Bank in Madrid (I am an economist by education and Drama actress by Passion), I decided to run my own business. I moved to Latin America with my husband and kids, where I started increasing my passion about art and more specifically into jewelery.

After living in Peru, I landed in Dubai, where gold and jewelers are literally everywhere.

I then decided to go one step further, with my passion about jewels, and started a unique idea of creating an affordable new concept: Maria Bello Jewels, an online retail store that provides casual jewelry for a day to day use among women of all ages, regardless your style and for all occasions.

Our leitmotiv has always been around simplicity, our claim is: “Keep it simple”. We provide a daily and casual portfolio of small jewelry and we receive the inspiration for our catalogue from different sources and places around the globe. I guess that travelling and knowing new places and people is the best way to receive this inspiration and new ideas…I hope you enjoy our collection!

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