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Long earrings are back and we tell you how to wear them

While minimal, short earrings are gorgeous, there are times when a nice pair of long earrings is the better alternative, especially now that they're back in style. Whether they are accompanied by precious stones or keep a simple style, it is always good to know how to wear them and, at Maria Bello Jewels, we will tell you. The use of long earrings is a trend that, although it had been cataloged only for special events, has now expanded to more casual areas, allowing it to be combined with an infinite number of outfits and with other pieces of jewelry. Rules for wearing long earrings It is not that there are rules per se for wearing long earrings, but there are guidelines set by experts that determine a better use of these jewels, making them look better. Among the rules for wearing long earrings, we highlight the following: Forget the statement necklaces An unavoidable rule when wearing long earrings is not to combine them with chains or flashy chokers. It is definitely best not to wear this type of jewelry, leaving the earrings to be the central protagonists of the outfit. However, exceptionally, it is possible to wear them with very delicate necklaces in a minimalist cut or with pieces from the same line. Wear sober and elegant clothes The use of clothing should be as sober as possible if you want to wear long earrings. Otherwise, they will get lost in the flashiness of the outfit and make an excessive contrast that could clutter the look. A monochromatic dress, short or long, depending on the event, and sleeveless blouses in a white or pastel tone, are valid options to wear long and simple earrings, such as the Knot earrings version from our catalog at Maria Bello Jewels.
Highlight long earrings with special clothing items

On the other hand, there are clothes created especially to show off a jewel, such as the halter neckline and turtle-style high necks. These are perfect for highlighting long earrings. First, because they hide the neck and create a longer effect that focuses attention on this area of ​​the body; and, second, because it prevents the use of chains or necklaces, giving rise to a touch of splendor for the earrings.

Wedding dresses, for the most part, are also designs designed to highlight the face of women, so a good outline, adorned with elongated earrings and lots of diamonds, will look great.

Wear a suitable hairstyle

Obviously, to show off earrings, short or long, it is always better to wear your hair up. If it is a special event, an elaborate updo is perfect, if not, a simple ponytail will make the earrings stand out in an exceptional way.

Apply color with a precious gem

This type of earrings allows you to add color to an outfit in general, since there are a variety of models with embedded gems such as rubies, diamonds and zircons of various colors, among others.

This is precisely that exceptional opportunity to combine long earrings with a chain of the same style.

Buy your long earrings at Maria Bello Jewels.

Long earrings are elegant and timeless jewellery.
Although they are worn more in some seasons than in others, they are always right when it comes to bringing elegance and sophistication. 

Do not hesitate to acquire the best specimens at Maria Bello Jewels. Our selection of long earrings will surprise you with their beauty and quality, but you will also have the opportunity to get a variety of jewels to combine by following the advice that we have given you in this post on how to wear them with style.

Go ahead and use them! We will tell you how to do it.


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