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What to give on Valentine's Day if you live in these countries

With Valentine's just around the corner, the stores are full of candies, chocolates and stuffed animals. In the US, shelves are packed with teddy bears and boxes of chocolates typical of this day. However, not all countries exchange letters and candies to declare their love. Some give away wooden spoons or dried flowers. Others go on vacation with their bachelorhood. In short, each one what he can! So, here we tell you what to give on Valentine's Day according to the country you are in.

1. What to give for Valentine's Day in Denmark
This country has given February 14 its own style. Instead of roses, white dried flowers called "snowdrops" are given as gifts.

Another Danish tradition is the exchange of cards. Originally, love cards were transparent and revealed who the gift was for. Today, this tradition has been lost and they use the cards that we all know.

The last tradition of Denmark on this day is carried out by men. These give women a gaekkebrev; a kind of funny poem written anonymously. If a woman receives a gaekkebrev and guesses who sent it to her, she wins an easter egg that year.
2. South Korea, many days for all tastes
Valentine's Day is very popular among the youth of this country. The gift exchange begins on February 14 when women present chocolates, candies and flowers to men. Instead, on March 14 during "White Day" it's up to the men. These not only give the same as women, but also a gift as such.

Fortunately, for those who have nothing to celebrate these two days, there is a third celebration: the "Black Day". On April 14, it is customary for singles to mourn their sorrows by eating jajangmyeon, or black bean paste noodles. How good this would be for all of us!

3. Wales, really traditional
By contrast, the Welsh celebrate Saint Dwynwen, the Gaelic patron saint of lovers, on January 25. But what to give there in San Dwynwen? The traditional Welsh gift is a love spoon. In the 17th century, Welsh men carved wooden spoons as a sign of affection for the women they loved. Ornaments and patterns were carved on these spoons with different meanings. Some examples include:

horseshoes (which brought good luck),

wheels (which meant support);

keys (which symbolized the keys to the heart of man).

Currently, these spoons continue to be given at weddings, anniversaries and births. Don't miss out on good manners!
4. England, a second Christmas
In Norfolk, a county in England, Jack Valentine is like Santa Claus on February 14. Children expect to hear you knocking on their doors and, even if they don't see it, they enjoy the candy and small gifts they find on the porches.

5. Brazil, love for all
We must remember that, in Brazil, the carnival covers part of February and March. This is why Brazilians skip Valentine's Day to celebrate Dia dos Namorados on June 12. Here, chocolates, flowers and cards are given away. In addition, music festivals and performances are held. But what we must emphasize is that gifts are not made only between couples: in Brazil, gifts are given and dinner is also given with friends and family.

We hope you found our little research on what to give on Valentine's Day in these 5 countries interesting. And remember, the key is always in the details.
What do you usually gift for present in your home country????

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