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6 golden accessories to shine this Christmas

Christmas is light, color, joy and endless golden sparkles that remind us of that star that crowns our home. These parties invest in a golden accessory with which, without a doubt, you will be the queen of the party.
Already thinking about the looks for this Christmas? This month of December there is no time for anything because the agendas are full of events, meetings and celebrations day after day. From the company dinner next Friday to the lunch with a group of lifelong friends, going through the invisible friend date or the Christmas and New Year lunches and dinners, there is no time for anything, much less to stop at find the perfect look for every occasion. This 2022 the key to achieving the perfect Christmas look lies in the accessories, because as in every Christmas they are the ones that give your outfits a brilliant and original touch. Gone are countless outfits with sequins, glitter or velvet, these holidays the main protagonists of the Christmas story are the accessories and, especially, in a golden key.
Finally, it's time to go back to the bottom of the wardrobe and bet on those special basics that we can wear over and over again, such as a suit, a little black dress, a tuxedo-type blazer or, simply, a blouse with palazzo-style pants. And, as a final touch, one (or several) determining accessories. The key to success? Dress golden accessories. Along with striking strass details, in maxi silhouettes such as earrings, in bracelet models, rings or chokers with special details, golden accessories lead the Christmas season, but beware, they are not only led by jewelry. Our Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve outfits can also be accompanied by hair accessories such as barrettes, headbands or even glitter in the hair that envelop our hair in a unique and special retro glam aura. In fact, during the last fashion weeks, we have seen how gold accessories have devastated a large part of fashion collections, seen in a maximalist key in earrings, hats and even skullcaps in the purest 20's style.
There is no doubt: this Christmas become the perfect guest with the most fashionable golden accessories. To help you, we have prepared a selection of 6 super versatile, elegant and on-trend options that, we promise, you will want to wear at your next Christmas campaign event (in addition, they have a timeless trait that gives you a much longer life of use and exquisite).

it will become the star of any look and, for the Christmas holidays, we think it is the perfect accessory to complete your gala outfits.

OUR PEARL CHOKER: An accessory that will capture all eyes for its originality and because it is most flattering. Empower the goddess in you


Comfortable and light, perfect to combine with any look to shine like nobody else this holiday season.

Geometric design bracelet and gold asymmetries easy to combine to complete looks both day and night. Ideal for your Christmas nights, for any dinner with friends and, above all, to say goodbye to the year with the greatest glamour.

are elegant, but without losing the essence of continuing to shine. You can combine them with your evening looks, make them the center of attention and combine them with other earrings.

Inspired by water, waves, their shadows and reflections, these earrings will become your new must.

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