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Gold plated or plated?

More and more brands are betting on silver jewelry (or other metals) plated or bathed in Gold.

A trend that allows all gold lovers to use exclusive designs in quality materials and at a better price. Gold plating and bathing are techniques for applying layers of gold to other metals.

The most important differences between gold plating and bathing in jewelry are its application process, the thickness of the layers of gold they carry, and the duration of the gold color in the piece.


The layers of gold are measured in microns, the plates can have 1, 2,….10 microns. The more microns of gold the jewel has, its plating will be more durable. Gold plating is applied to metals such as silver, bronze or copper, which makes the jewelry look like gold when in fact it is a thin layer. The plating process is electromagnetic or chemical. Gold layers are generally not applied directly to the main metal, to extend its durability and improve the golden color an intermediate metal or alloy (rhodium, bronze...) is applied before the gold microns.

Our Miyaki Ring (Material: Sterling silver 925/Gold Vermeil, Stones: Cubic Zircons)


Gold baths have less microns than plating, they can be 0.1- 0.2 -0.3 -…1 microns, which makes your gold layer more vulnerable and lasts less time.

Gold-plated jewelry requires more care on your part to keep the piece in the best possible condition.

The bathing technique gives many color options for jewellery, not only layers of gold are applied, but rhodium baths are also often used, which makes the jewel more durable by increasing the brilliance of the metals and thus enriching its color tones.

¿What is better, what should I choose?

You already know the 2 processes. If you want a jewel that has more gold, lasts longer and its color is better preserved, gold plated jewelery is for you. But if there is a jewel that you like and it is gold plated, it is also your option, you will enjoy the gold for less time but you will surely get it at a better price.

It is also important to take into account the main metal on which the gold plating or bathing.

María Bello Jewels

Our Gold plated jewelry (Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets) are made of 925 sterling silver, which are first plated with white rhodium and yellow bronze (to improve shine, adhesion and color) and then are gold plated, layers of 1 and 2 microns of 18. 

Gold plating and bathing are a great alternative if you like to wear gold jewelry that looks like solid gold and at a lower price, without losing style, glamor and elegance. More and more are joining this trend of having more gold-plated jewelry designs.

It is very important to remember that the durability of plating and plating also depends on the care you give your jewelry, both when using it and when storing it.


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Gold Plated Jewelry

Awesome article – very helpful!!! Love that you are keeping customers informed and educated about what great quality products you sell!!

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