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You need this: How to untangle your chains
If you are reading this post, surely you have already experienced this nightmare before and without realizing it, your chains and necklaces have become entangled, right? Some have even broken in the attempt to untangle it. Well, calm down. We come to help you. You are not alone. First of all, take a deep breath. You have to know that to solve this, skill is better than force, so don't be shocked and follow these tips: - Place the tangled necklaces or chains on a smooth surface to see exactly the dimension of the knot and to be able to identify the number of necklaces involved. - Open all the necklaces you can through their closure, you will see that it will be much easier to untangle them. - Try to separate the chains or ends that are more tangled to start here, leaving the simplest ones for the end because you will see that you will untangle them super fast. - Find a sewing needle or pin. It will be your best tool. Introduce it in the knots moving it from side to side so that they take slack and relax until they are more loose. If you use two needles it will be great because you can go with both making movements at the same time. - When you see that the knots are opening you can use your fingers too. - When you have the most serious knots loose, look for the end of the chain and go putting it through the holes of the knots until they are undone. You will see how each time you have more stretch of loose chain.
When you follow these tips you will see that the initial nightmare becomes less important ;) Important: try to make all the movements when manipulating the chains smooth... don't jerk or lose patience! And here is this advice that will make you never leave aside those necklaces that you liked so much! If you want more tips and advice tell us and we will help you!

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